Bonded diamonds


Before you start purchasing for diamonds, take into consideration handling a bonded jeweler. Bonded jewelers sell bonded diamonds, and there are actually not many bonded jewelers on the planet. In actual fact, away from all the jeweler’s on the earth, only about 5% of these are bonded. Buying a bonded diamond will Value greater than purchasing a non-bonded diamond, but whenever you evaluate Everything you get While using the bonded selection, you will see that it is perfectly well worth the excess cost.

Initially, bonded diamonds Possess a obtain back coverage with the life of the diamond. Irrespective of how lengthy you may have had the diamond, you will take it again for the bonded jeweler and provide it back to him or her, for just a 100% refund. If a jeweler isn’t going to offer a 100% obtain again ensure, for that lifetime of the diamond, then you ought to acquire a closer look at the diamond to view exactly what is Incorrect with it.

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Bonded diamonds even have a breakage policy. In the event the stone breaks or chips, the bonded jeweler will exchange it that has a new one – a single time. No jeweler would ever present this kind of policy on any stone that was not one hundred% normal, so just the present of this kind of policy must Present you with bit of intellect concerning the quality of the diamond. Bonded diamonds are organic and untreated.

Bonded diamonds rise in price, with a hard and fast appreciation level that is made to keep up with inflation. Which means a diamond that is definitely truly worth a specific amount of money today will probably be well worth a lot more Sooner or later, as the cost of diamonds carries on to increase. This normally won’t implement to acquire backs, having said that. It ordinarily relates to trade-ins.

Alternately, by paying for a bonded diamond, you are protected against the possibility of a market crash. If a market crash occurs, the worth of diamonds will fall. On the other hand, the bonded jeweler assures to refund you the distinction between exactly what the diamond is currently well worth and Everything you paid for it prior to the market crash.

It could be tricky to locate a bonded jeweler in your neighborhood, but if you can, This really is who you want to handle, versus working with an un-bonded jeweler. Specially explain to the jeweler you are only considering bonded diamonds. You’ll find a bonded jeweler in your area by making use of several on the web sources, or by calling the area jewellery retailers.

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