Fighting the beetles: protecting your cigars from infestation


Your cigar box could be susceptible to a key predator. Many cigar aficionados are actually shocked and repulsed at finding their treasured cigars infested with Lasioderma Serricorne, often called tobacco beetles. This dreaded beetle feeds in your important cigars. They don’t treatment In case your cigars are drugstore mass-sector manufacturers, or imported beauties.

Exactly what is the tobacco beetle, and the place will it come from? The tobacco beetle exits in all nations around the world in which tobacco is manufactured. It thrives on tobacco plants, infesting their leaves in advance of it really is processed. Tobacco beetles prosper in scorching climates, and particularly in The nice and cozy nations Caribbean nations around the world exactly where Substantially of the planet’s tobacco is generated. Tobacco beetles lay larvae which are white and approximately 4 mm extended. If the larvae hatch, they produce moths that commence to hungrily take in their way through the tobacco leaves. However, the tobacco beetle has been identified to outlive the whole process of fermentation and manufacturing that is definitely utilized to make most cigars. Even though a lot of nations around the world have made the trouble to rid their tobacco crops of this dreaded pest, generally by spraying crops with gases, the tobacco beetle has proven very resistant.

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If the tobacco beetle survives to the concluded products, numerous cigar fanatics may well open up their cigar boxes to realize that their cigars are already eaten as a result of. Occasionally the presence on the tobacco beetle is often detected in the presence of little puncture-like holes about the wrapper. The holes may make a mean cigar resemble a flute.

What could you do if you find your cigars infested Using the tobacco beetle? Analysis has proven that the microwave could possibly be your very best protection in destroying the tobacco beetle larvae. Right before using your microwave, remove and dispose of any infested cigar out of your collection. The rest of your cigars could be taken care of. In an effort to rid the remaining of your respective selection of the pest, it is best to You should definitely microwave your cigars alongside one another, never individually. Microwave them for about three minutes. After becoming warmed, instantly location the cigars in to the freezer. Following freezing them for 24 hours, remove them and permit them to thaw at home temperature. When they have thawed absolutely, area them in the humidor. This remedy has verified successful in eliminating the presence from the tobacco beetle. Prior to removing a cigar from the humidor to generally be smoked, study Just about every cigar independently. In the event the cigar exhibits no evidence of infestation, it is actually Safe and sound to smoke.

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