What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Girl patient lying in a hyperbaric chamber.

What is hyperbaric oxygen treatment? This treatment includes resting in an unadulterated oxygen chamber or cylinder for a particular timeframe. This is an entrenched treatment technique for decompression disorder. Beside this, numerous different conditions are likewise rewarded utilizing this methodology, for example, difficult injuries, radiation injury, and numerous genuine diseases, to give some examples.

In this technique, the pneumatic force in the chamber is up to 300% higher than outside the chamber. Along these lines, your drags get more oxygen, which enables your body to battle microorganisms and lift the discharge of undifferentiated organisms and development factors for quicker mending.

When Can it Help You?

Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment can help on the off chance that you have any of the conditions recorded beneath:

Iron deficiency

Blood vessel gas embolism

Cerebrum ulcer


Carbon monoxide harming

Squashing injury


Decompression disorder


Disease of skin or bone

Nonhealing wounds

Radiation injury

Skin unite

Vision misfortune


For the most part, this treatment is a sheltered system, yet in not many cases, inconveniences may happen. The following is a depiction of expected dangers:


Center ear wounds

Lung breakdown



Be that as it may, as said prior, these intricacies may occur in exceptionally uncommon cases.

How to prepare for the treatment?

Since unadulterated oxygen can light a fire, you are not permitted to take certain things with you inside the chamber, for example, cell phones, and lighters. Beside this, you additionally need to leave your healthy skin items outside the chamber to maintain a strategic distance from a fire chance.

Before you get in, ensure you approach the experts for guidelines, which will assist you with feeling more secure and increasingly happy with during the methodology.

During the technique

For the most part, hyperbaric oxygen treatment is done like an outpatient technique, so it doesn’t expect you to be conceded in a clinic. In any case, on the off chance that you are now in the emergency clinic getting treatment, you can remain in the medical clinic to get the treatment. You may likewise be moved to the concerned office, which might be situated in a different region.

In view of your condition and the treatment community you are in, you may get the treatment in any of the two settings depicted beneath:

One-individual unit: in this kind of unit, you are approached to rests in a plastic cylinder on a table.

Multi-client unit: In this multi-client oxygen room, numerous clients get treatment simultaneously. This chamber appears as though a major room in an emergency clinic where you may sit or rests. Also, you will get oxygen by means of a quality breathing device or a hood that is introduced over your head.

While you are getting the treatment, the pneumatic force is up to multiple times higher than the weight outside the room. Because of this weight, you will feel that your ears are brimming with air. The inclination is like the inclination you have when you are on a plane at a higher elevation. Furthermore, this is ordinary. You don’t have to stress over it.

For dominant part of conditions, the method won’t take over two hours. All through the treatment, the human services group will watch you.

After the treatment

After the treatment, you may feel somewhat eager or tired, which is ordinary. What’s more, you can continue your normal exercises.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you are considering giving a go to this treatment, do it, as it is a protected methodology.

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